On behalf of the Scientific and Organising Committees, I am pleased to welcome you in Limassol, Cyprus and to the CYPRUS2016 4th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (http://www.cyprus2016.uest.gr). As in the cases of the ATHENS 2012 Conference (www.athens2012.uest.gr, June 2012), the ATHENS 2014 Conference (www.athens2014.biowaste.gr, June 2014) and the TINOS 2015 Conference (www.tinos2015.uest.gr, July 2015), the CYPRUS 2016 4th International Conference aims to make a step forward in the field of solid waste management through the promotion of innovative technologies and effective practices. We are happy to identify that the series of our conferences started in 2012 keeps attracting the attention of the academics and private and public sector, a fact proved by the gradual increase in the number of participants, the participating countries and the papers presented during the conferences.

1st International Conference ADAPTtoCLIMATE

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Adaptation to Climate change Impacts on the Mediterranean islands' Agriculture

LIFE Ref. No: LIFE14 CCA/GR/000928

The project is co-financed by the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action (2014-2020)