Thursday, 21 May 2015
08.00-9.15 Registration
09.15-9.45 Welcome Speeches
E. Kapetanios, General Secretary, General Secretariat of Waste Management Coordination, Ministry of Interior-Administrative Reform & eGovernance
A. Moropoulou, Vice President, Technical Chamber of Greece
K. Vafeiadis, President, Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers
E. Vidalis, General Secretary, Hellenic Federation of Enterprises
A. Savvakis, President, Federation of Industries of Northern Greece
N. Koudounis, President, Association of Industries of Sterea Ellada
E. Kaloussis, President of Federation of Hellenic Food Industries
A. Loukatos, Solid Waste Management Consultant, ETVA Industrial & Business Parks Savvakis
A. Boudouvis, Dean, School of Chemical Engineering, NTUA
I. Golias, Rector, National University of Athens
Chair: M. Loizidou, C. Cheeseman
09.45-11.00 Keynote Speakers
Christopher Cheeseman, Imperial College,
"Engineering the Circular Economy"
Rafael Luque, University of Cordoba,
"General overview of waste possibilities for waste valorisation & the concept of modular biorefinereies"
Francesco Fatone, University of Verona,
"Policy, legislation and advanced treatment technologies for industrial-environmental symbiosis within the Lagoon of Venice"
Maria Loizidou, National Technical University of Athens,
"Industrial Symbiosis & Waste Managment: The way forward for resource efficiency and circular economy"
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break   


Symbiosis Aspects
Chair: M. Loizidou, C. Cheeseman
11.30-11.45 Y. Zorzios, A. Migiakis, K. Valta, P. Damala, M. Kasidoni, V. Panaretou, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, N. Markatos, M Loizidou
Prospects of the eSYMBIOSIS Platform for the promotion of the circular economy
Download : Presentation
11.45-12.00 R. Droop
Green Deals mobilize society and Government for greening the economy
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.00-12.15 N. Voulvoulis
Mining in the context of sustainable management of natural capital: the importance of waste recycling and reuse
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.15-12.30 L. Cutaia, G. Barberio, A. Luciano, E. Mancuso, S. Sbaffoni, M. La Monica, C. Scagliarino
A systematic methodology for industrial symbiosis approach development at a regional scale
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.30-12.45 Guibo Qiu, Ben Peng, Changsheng Yue, Min Guo, Mei Zhang
Recycling and regeneration of spent refractory in ironmaking and steelmaking industry
Download : Pdf
12.45-13.00 L.M. Queiroz, I.O.C. Nascimento, S.A.B. Vieira de Melo, R.A. Kalid
Aerobic, anaerobic treatability and biogas production potential of a wastewater from a biodiesel industry
Download : Pdf
13.00-13.15 A.S. Dounavis, I. Ntaikou, G. Lyberatos
Production of advanced biobased hydrogen enriched methane from waste glycerol in a two stage continuous system
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.15-13.30 P. Manara, M. Ganesa Pillai, A. Zabaniotou
Microwave pretreatment of residual biomass blends with crude glycerol prior to pyrolysis by means of the GlyCo Bio-Diesel Project concept
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.30-13.45 N. Cakir, E. Alp, U. Yetis
Evaluation of environmental performance based on proximity to BAT associated resource utilization and emission values: A case study in a steel-making industry
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.45-14.00 V. Angelatou, S. Dabitzias, Th. Zampetakis, A. Meidani, N. Arvanitidis, Ε.Ι.P.Drosos
Utilisation of mining waste for the development of added value final products
Download : Pdf
14.00-14.15 Discussion - Conclusions


Thursday, 21 May 2015
Wastewater Treatment I
Chair: F. Dilek, E. Katsou
11.30-11.45 C. De la Paz
The LIFE Programme: Over 20 years improving waste and wastewater management in the EU
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.45-12.00 ZHANG Ruiping, WANG Xiaoyan, ZHANG Xiaoli
Decolorization of Brilliant Blue RAN By Laccase
Download : Pdf
12.00-12.15 J.T.G. Morais, K.P. Oliveira-Esquerre, A. Kiperstok, L.M. Queiroz
Prediction of organic matter removal from pulp and paper mill wastewater using artificial neural network
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.15-12.30 R.N. Coimbra, C.Escapa, A.I. García, M. Otero
A comparative study on the performance of a polymeric resin and an activated carbon for the adsorptive removal of diclofenac from water
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.30-12.45 L. Hadjittofi, I. Pashalidis
Thorium removal from acidic aqueous solutions by activated biochar derived from cactus fibres
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.45-13.00 V. Oloibiri, M. Chys, W. Audenaert, K. Demeesterec, S. WH Van Hulle
Economical and ecological removal and/or recuperation of organic matter and ammonium from landfill leachate: A full scale case study of Flemish landfills
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.00-13.15 M.A. Stylianou, V.J. Inglezakis, M. Loizidou, A. Agapiou, G. Itskos
Equilibrium ion exchange studies of Zn2+, Cr3+ and Mn2+ on natural bentonite
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.15-13.30 D. Cingolani, A. L. Eusebi, P. Battistoni
Upgrading for zero liquid discharge of full scale industrial platform for leachate treatment: economical evaluations and performances optimization
Download : Pdf
13.30-13.45 Z.Z. Ismail, A.A. Habeeb
Simultaneous energy generation and organics removal from real industrial pharmaceutical wastewater by packed bed-microbial fuel cell


Thursday, 21 May 2015
Water Treatment
Chair: K.-J. Haralambous, I. Janajreh
11.30-11.45 D. Xevgenos, K.-J. Haralambous, M. Loizidou
Green Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent
Download : Presentation - Presentation
11.45-12.00 C. Koroneos
The Water Issue in Greek Islands: Existing Situation and Challenges
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.00-12.15 I. Janajreh, D. Suwwan, R. Hashaikeh,
Coupled Modelling of Membrane Desalination
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.15-12.30 Th. Valkouma
Water management & wastewater treatment in Egnatia Odos Motorway
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.30-12.45 K. Chatzikonstantinou, D. S. Tsoukleris, N. Tzamtzis, E. A. Pavlatou
A novel combination of a membrane and a photocatalytic reactor for water reclamation
Download : Pdf
12.45-13.00 R.C. Eusebio, M.A. Promentilla, H.S. Kim
Optimization of FO system for the Utilization of RO Brine
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.00-13.15 I. Petousi, G. Daskalakis, M. Fountoulakis, A. Papadaki, C. Tsompanidis, E. Dialynas, P. Tzaferou, T. Manios
Performance comparison of three compact systems in grey-water treatment
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.15-13.30 G. Panagiotoulias, V. Paraskevopoulou, M.J. Scoullos
Cooling Water Management in Steel Hot Rolling Mills
Download : Pdf
13.30-13.45 S. Boudia, M. Fiallo, P. Sharrock
Permeable reactive barriers made with zero valent iron-doped porous plaster for the treatment of organic nitro compounds on laboratory scale
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.45-14.00 V. Panaretou, K. Valta, D. Xevgenos, M. Kasidoni, K. Haralambous
Decoding the concept of water footprint through different perspectives
13.45-14.00 Discussion - Conclusions
14.15-15.00 Lunch Break   


Thursday, 21 May 2015
Chair: R. Luque, A. Zabaniotou, T. Manios
15.00-15.15 B. Quattrociocchi, N. Valle, C. Perrotto, F. Mercuri, L. Pasqualino
Valorization and awareness of the territory through wastewater treatment process: The project LIFE+ REWETLAND
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.15-15.30 J.P. Bolivar, S. Pérez-Moreno, M.J. Gazquez, M. Contreras, R. García-Tenorio
Recycling of wastes coming from the pigment TiO2 industry
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.30-15.45 J. Rosales, F. Agrela, M. Cabrera, M. G. Beltrán, J. Ayuso
Influence of processed biomass bottom ash on the mechanical and durability behaviour in mortars
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.45-16.00 J.P. Bolivar, M.J. Gazquez, S. Pérez-Moreno, R. García-Tenorio
Uses of phosphogypsum in agriculture
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.00-16.15 K. Komnitsas, D. Zaharaki
Co-utilization of construction/demolition wastes with metallurgical and mining wastes for the production of geopolymers
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.15-16.30 J. Rosales, F. Agrela, M. Cabrera, M.G. Beltrán
Application of stainless steel slag waste as a partial replacement to manufacture cement mortars
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.30-16.45 F. Galliou, A. Maragkaki, N. Markakis, G. Sabathianakis, C. Tsompanidis, G. Mavrogiannis, G. Koukakis, T. Manios
Solar drying of olive mill wastewater with manure for the production of organic fertilizers
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.45-17.00 S. Mavridou, E. Kaisidou, M. Kazdaglis
Construction and Demolition Wastes: Potential uses and current situation in Greece and Cyprus
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.00-17.15 A. Koutinas, M. Alexandri, C. Pateraki, H. Papapostolou, A. Vlysidis
Valorisation of pulp and paper industry waste streams for the production of succinic acid
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.15-17.30 F. Chalkiopoulou, I. Chatzipanagis, C. Christidis
Perspectives for the production of industrial minerals from the exploitation of the waste stemming extraction of Greek white calcitic marble
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.30-17.45 A. Papathanasoglou, Th. Valsamidis, M. Koumoutsakou
Greek marble by-products - Limitations and Opportunities
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.45-18.00 N. D. Charisiou, C. A. Paraskeva, M. A. Goula, V. G. Papadakis
Techno-economical & Sustainability Analyses for Multilateral Exploitation of Olive Tree Cultivation Residues
Download : Pdf
18.00-18.15 S. Martínez-Martínez, L. Pérez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada, P. J. Sánchez-Soto, G.N. Angelopoulos
Ceramics from clays and by-product from biodiesel production: processing, properties and microstructural characterization
Download : Pdf
18.15-18.30 Discussion - Conclusions


Thursday, 21 May 2015
Wastewater Treatment II
Chair: M. Rusan, F. Fatone, S. Malamis
15.00-15.15 V. Makrigianni, A. Giannakas, I. Konstantinou
Chromium (VI) removal from wastewater by acid-treated pyrolytic char derived from used rubber tires
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.15-15.30 A.G. Thanos, A. Sotiropoulos, S. Malamis, E. Katsou, E.A. Pavlatou, K.-J. Haralambous
Regeneration of organo-modified mineral loaded with chromate anions
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.30-15.45 T. Alvarino, N. Torregrosa, S. Suarez, J. Lema, F. Omil,
The effect of activated carbon and membrane filtration in the removal of pharmaceutical products in hospital wastewaters
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.45-16.00 C. Escapa, R.N. Coimbra, S. Paniagua, A.I. García, M. Otero
Removal of pharmaceuticals from industrial wastewaters by microalgae culture
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.00-16.15 A. Zerva, E. Gkatzarou, D. Mioteli, M. Mousavi, G. Zervakis, P. Christakopoulos, E. Topakas
Degradation of olive mill waste waters by two wood-rot fungi and their effect on the induction of extracellular ligninolytic enzymes
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.30-16.45 Α. G. Vlyssides, Ch. Tsiodra, K. Bampalioukas
Anaerobic digestion of olive mill wastewater after fenton oxidation as pretreatment stage
Download : Presentation
16.45-17.00 J. Raiti, H. Kiai, A. Hafidi
Aqueous two phases extraction of phenolic compounds from pretreated olive mill wastewater
Download : Pdf
17.00-17.15 M. J. M. Rusan, H. I. Malkawi
Dilution of olive mill wastewater eliminates its phytotoxicity and enhances plant growth and soil fertility
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.15-17.30 K. Tsigkou, A. Kotoulas, A. Kopsahelis, M. Kornaros
Development of a high-rate thermophilic anaerobic UPBR reactor for the treatment of three-phase olive mill wastewater (OMW)
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.30-17.45 D. Kanellopoulos, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai, A. Vlyssides
Chemical Oxidation of Cosmetic Industry Wastewater by Fenton Reagents
Download : Pdf
17.45-18.00 V. M. Bhandari, L. Gayatri Sorokhaibam, V. V. Ranade
Industrial wastewater treatment for fertilizer industry- A case study
Download : Pdf - Presentation
18.00-18.15 S. Kulshreshtha, N. Mathur, P. Bhatnagar
Treatment of cardboard industrial effluent in nutrient amended and non-amended condition
Download : Pdf
18.15-18.30 S. Georgopoulos, M. Panitsa, D. Vlastos, I.K. Konstantinou, M.I. Papadaki
Treatment of Cow-Farm Wastewaters using an Environmentally Friendly Method
Download : Pdf - Presentation
18.30-18.45 Bheemaraju Sarada
Studies on bisorption of trivalent Chromium using Caulerpa fastigiata
Download : Pdf


Thursday, 21 May 2015
Food Industries and waste treatment and products recovery
Chair: M. Loizidou, D. Bolzonella
15.00-15.15 M. Alexandropoulou, G. Antonopoulou, G. Lyberatos
Fermentative hydrogen production from food – industry wastes
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.15-15.30 C. Da Ros, C. Cavinato, P. Pavan, D. Bolzonella
Mesophilic and Thermophilic anaerobic co-digestion of winery wastewater sludge and wine lees: an integrated approach for wine production
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.30-15.45 V. Varelas, E. Sotiropoulou, M. Liouni, E. T. Nerantzis
Production of β-Glucan from winery yeast waste biomass
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.45-16.00 E. I. Sotiropoulou. V. Varelas, M. Liouni, E. T. Nerantzis
Grape seed oil: From a winery waste to a value added cosmetic product
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.00-16.15 G. Z. Kyzas, D. N. Bikiaris
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for recovery of resveratrol from winery effluents
Download : Pdf
16.15-16.30 E. Nikolaidou, M. Iossifidou, V. Tataki, A. Eftaxias, A. Aivasidis, V. Diamantis
Energy recovery and treatment of wine lees using a compact-portable anaerobic digester
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.30-16.45 D. Trasanidou, S. Grigorakis, A. Apostolakis, D. P. Makris
Implementation of Box-Behnken Experimental Design and Kinetics to Optimise Organic Solvent- Free Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Red Grape Pomace Polyphenols and Pigments
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.45-17.00 K. Kaderidis, A. M. Goula, K. G. Adamopoulos
An integrated process for utilization of pomegranate peels
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.00-17.15 I.F. Strati, V. Oreopoulou
Recovery and isomerization of carotenoids from tomato processing by-products
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.15-17.30 V. Diamantis, A. Aivasidis, A. Eftaxias, C. Achillas, K. Mimides, F. Pliakas
Agro-industrial residuals for enhanced food production in geothermal greenhouses
Download : Presentation
17.30-17.45 M. Ghimpusan, G.D. Nechifor, A. C. Nechifor, P. Passeri
Performance of combination of treatment processes for food industry wastewater depuration
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.45-18.00 A. Orfanos, H.K. Karapanagioti, I.D. Manariotis
Removal of methylene blue from food-industry byproducts
Download : Pdf - Presentation
18.00-18.15 M. E. Abd El-Hack, S. A. Mahgoub
Mitigating harmful emissions from laying hens manure and enhancing productive performance through feeding on DDGS supplementation with enzymes and Bacillus spp
Download : Pdf
18.15-18.30 M. L. Montoro, M. L. Herrero, M. Di. Vallejo, M. F. Sardella, C. Deiana
Influence of pretreatment variables on the bioavailability of sugars for the production of bioethanol from melon
Download : Pdf
18.30-18.45 L. Mailin López González, I. Pereda Reyes, O. Romero Romero, H. Vervaeren
Synergetic effects on methane yield from sugarcane press mud co-digested with vinasse
Download : Pdf


Thursday, 21 May 2015
N.E. Belkhouche, N. Benyahia
Removal of Lead by emulsion organophosphorus liquid membrane: Response surface modeling
Download : Pdf
A.N. Apergis
Small standard subirrigation plant processing units
Download : Pdf
N. Gerogianni, A. Magganas, M. Stamatakis, P. Pomonis
Effectiveness of Olivine-Rich Ultrabasic Rocks from Greece on Acid Mine Drainage and Dairy Wastewater Treatment
Download : Pdf
D. Kołodyńska, A. Skiba, Z. Hubicki, B. Górecka
Superabsorbents as effective materials for adsorption of metal complexes with biodegradable complexing agent
Download : Pdf
A. Zabaniotou, N. Antoniou, G. Stavropoulos
Activated Carbon filters with End of Life Tyres pyrolytic char - The DEPOTEC project
Ji Sun Kim, Cheong Seek Kim, Hyun Soo Shin, Ji Won Rhim
Application of Synthesized Anion and Cation Exchange Polymers to Membrane Capacitive Deionization (MCDI)
Download : Pdf
D. Kołodyńska, I.Pańczyk-Figura
Enhanced removal of metal ions in the presence of GLDA
Download : Pdf
A. Adamczuk, D. Kołodyńska
Fly ash coated chitosan as efficient adsorbent for removal of heavy metal ions from waters and wastewaters
Download : Pdf
A. Adamczuk, W. Sofińska-Chmiel, D. Kołodyńska
Chelating ion exchangers in heavy metal ions removal from acidic streams
Download : Pdf
I. Janajreh, T. ElSamad, M. Hussain
Numerical Simulation of Transesterification
Download : Pdf -->
N. Abidi, J. Duplay, A. Jada, R. Baltenweck-Guyot, E. Errais, M. Trabelsi-Ayadi
Removal of Anionic Dye from Textile Effluents by using Kaolinite as Adsorbent
Download : Pdf
M. Vilaseca, M.G. García-Jiménez, V. Buscio, M. Crespi, C. Gutiérrez-Bouzán
Reuse of textile effluents treated with nanofiltration membranes
Download : Pdf
K. Valta, E. Orli, P. Damala, K. Moustakas, M. Loizidou
Review and assessment of waste and wastewater treatment from fruit and vegetable processing industry in Greece
K. P. Stavropoulos, A. Kopsahelis, C. Zafiri, M. Kornaros
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of End-of-Life Dairy Products (EoL-DPs) management in Cyprus, via their energetic valorization through anaerobic co-digestion with agro-industrial wastes in Bulgaria
Download : Pdf
A. Ngomsik-Fanselow, R. Menéndez González, J. Kearney, M. Lock, C. Tang, V. Eijsink, A. Varnai, J.Agger, C. P. Brandstetter, F. Gehring, I. Pari, G. Pettigrew, D. Randall
Waste2go: Development and verification of an innovative full life sustainable approach to the valorisation of municipal solid waste into industrial feedstocks
Download : Pdf
Α. Kallis, M.A. Stylianou, K. Kostarelos
Innovative Water Resources Management Plan: Cyprus Case Study
Download : Pdf
L. Lintzos, K. Chatzikonstantinou, N. Tzamtzis
Performance evaluation of different membrane types in a pilot scale SMBR system
Download : Pdf
M. Vilaseca, V. López-Grimau, C. Gutiérrez-Bouzán
Valorisation of Moringa oleifera waste: treatment and reuse of textile dye effluents
Download : Pdf
C. Gutierrez-Bouzan, M. Sala
ElectroChemical techniques combined with UV irradiation for the treatment and reuse of textile dyeing wastewater
Download : Pdf
E. Ntinoudi, H. Yiannoulakis, Th. Zampetakis, A.I. Zouboulis, E. Pantazopoulou
Stabilization of chromium in fly ash using magnesia
Download : Pdf
E.Önal, A.Ş.Yargıç, N.Özbay
Dye adsorption behavior in aquauous solutions of activated carbon prepared from peach stone
N. Basset, E. De Arana, A. Coll, J. Dosta, J. Mata-Álvarez,
Operation of an AnMBR for winery wastewatertreatment at low temperature
Download : Pdf
X. Fonoll, S. Astals, J. Dosta, J. Mata-Álvarez
Effect of paper fraction on the mesophilic anaerobic digestion of OFMSW: Biogas and digestate evaluation
Download : Pdf
N. Abidi, J. Duplay, A. Jada, E. Errais, G. Sophie, F. Colin, F. Ayari, M. Trabelsi-Ayadi
Discoloration of textile effluent by natural clay. Effect of chemical dyeing additives on the adsorption of anionic dyes
Download : Pdf
K. Valta, E. Aggeli, G. Antonopoulou, D. Malamis, K.-J. Haralambous,
Waste and wastewater treatment from the Greek dairy industry existing situation and valorisation opportunities


Friday, 22 May 2015
08.00-9.00 Registration
9.15-10.15 Chair: G. Lyberatos, F. Dilek
Keynote Speakers
Filiz DilekMiddle East Technical University,
"Treating Micropollutants of Emerging Concern – A Case of Triclosan"
Petros GikasTechnical University of Crete,
"Towards energy sustainable wastewater treatment plants"
Gerasimos Lyberatos, National Technical University of Athens,
"Valorization of agroindustrial waste for the production of energy, biofuels and biopolymers"
Nicola Colonna, Valerio MiceliItalian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development,
“Mediterranean agrofood organic waste streams: opportunities for value recovering through a cascade approach"
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break   
Wastewater Treatment III
Chair: G. Lyberatos, A. Zouboulis
10.45-11.00 V.J. Inglezakis, S. Malamis, A. Omirkhan, J. Nauruzbayeva, Z. Makhtayeva, T. Seidakhmetov, A. Kudarova
Investigating the inhibitory effect of phenol and cyanide in the activated sludge process employed for the treatment of petroleum wastewater
Download : Pdf
11.00-11.15 I. Fernández, J. Dosta, J. Mata-Álvarez
A critical review of the future trends and perspectives for the implementation of Anammox in the main line of municipal WWTPs
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.15-11.30 G. Yuksek, D. Okutman Tas, E.Ubay Cokgor, G. Insel, B. Kirci, O. Erturan
Effects of Eco-friendly Production Technologies on Wastewater Characterization and Treatment Plant Performance
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.30-11.45 K. Abeliotis, K. Sheittane, K. Lasaridi,
An environmental Life-Cycle study of the Limassol wastewater treatment plant
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.45-12.00 S. Milia, E. Malloci, A. Carucci
Aerobic granulation with petrochemical wastewater in a sequencing batch reactor under different operating conditions
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.00-12.15 L. Heidari, M. Jalili Ghzizade
Industrial waste management in PVC production process by focusing on caustic flake waste (Case study: Ghadeer Petrochemical Company, Mahshahr, Iran)
Download : Pdf
12.15-12.30 E.L.Batsari, A.K. Tolkou, A.I. Zouboulis, P.K. Gkotsis, E.N. Peleka
Fouling control in MBR systems: comparison of several commercial applied coagulants
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.30-12.45 O.T. Komesli, M. Muz, S. Ak, S. Bakırdere, C.F. Gökçay
Comparison of EDCs Removal in Full and Pilot Scale Membrane Bioreactor Plants: Effect of flux rate on EDCs removal in short SRT
Download : Pdf
12.45-13.00 K. Chatzikonstantinou, N.Tzamtzis, N. Aretakis, A. Pappa
Application of high frequency power vibration (HFPV) on fouling limitation in submerged membrane modules of a pilot MBR system
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.00-13.15 R.C. Eusebio, M.A. Promentilla, H.S. Kim
Application of Integrated FO-MBR System to Utilize RO Concentrate as Draw Solution
Download : Pdf
13.15-13.30 N. Potakis, Z. Frontistis, D. Mantzavinos
Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals by heat activated persulfate
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.30-13.45 Th. Patsoules
Continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewaters treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states
Download : Pdf


Friday, 22 May 2015
Chair: S. Agatzini - Leonardou, L. Lombardi
10.45-11.00 L. Lombardi, E. Carnevale, A. Paradisi
Bottom ash treatment at the site of producing plant for reutilization
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.00-11.15 G. Itskos, A. Koutsianos, V. Inglezakis, N. Koukouzas, D. Torkmuzin, C. Vasilatos
Zeolite formation utilizing fly ash from Greece and Kazakhstan
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.15-11.30 R. Taurino, E. Karamanova, L. Barbieri, S. Atanasova-Vladimirova, F. Andreola, I. Lancellotti, A. Karamanov
New ceramic bricks based on pretreated MSW bottom ash
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.30-11.45 M. Stefanidou, E. Anastasiou, O. Mantziou, E. Mpougla, E. Vasiliou, P.D. Konti, K. Antoniadis
Incorporation of glass particles in high-performance mortars
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.45-12.00 V. Montenegro, S. Agatzini - Leonardou, P. Oustadakis, P. Tsakiridis
Hydrometallurgical Treatment of EAF Dust by Direct Sulphuric Acid Leaching at Atmospheric Pressure
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.00-12.15 J. Grönniger, M. P. Wistuba, A. Cannone Falchetto
Reuse of Linz‐Donawitz (LD) Slag in Asphalt Mixtures for Pavement Application
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.15-12.30 E. Karamanova, B. Ranguelov, G. Avdeev, F. Andreola, I. Lancellotti, L. Barbieri, A. Karamanov
Sintered glass-ceramic from iron-rich MSWA
Download : Pdf
12.30-12.45 S. Martínez-Martínez, L. Pérez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada, P. J. Sánchez-Soto, G.N. Angelopoulos
Reuse of fly and bottom ash for clinker production
Download : Pdf
12.45-13.00 Discussion - Conclusions


Friday, 22 May 2015
Biomass & Municipal Waste
Chair: N. Voulvoulis, D. Malamis
10.45-11.00 F. Riedel
CombiTech Waste Treatment Process for mixed unsegregated Municipal Waste with no Presorting and no Residues
Download : Pdf - Presentation
11.00-11.15 Xiaoying Liu, Yanfeng He, Chang Chen, Wen Wang, Guangqing Liu
Set-up of CSTR for treating kitchen waste and effects of operation conditions on biodegradability performance
Download : Presentation
11.15-11.30 C. Ghenai, I. Janajreh
Combustion of Biomass and Waste-Based Syngas Fuels
Download : Pdf
11.30-11.45 M. Loizidou, K. Chatzikonstantinou
Integrated treatment of waste and wastewater generated from the food industry
Download : Presentation
11.45-12.00 K. Α. Spanos, I. Khah, D. Gaitanis
Utilisation of woody biomass from urban parks, street trees ad plantations of fast growing forest trees - possibilities for energy production, chemical and biological conversion
Download : Pdf
12.00-12.15 N.D. Charisiou, G. Siakavelas, K.N. Papageridis, M.A. Goula
Effect of La2O3 addition on Ni/Al O catalysts to produce H from glycerol
Download : Pdf - Presentation
12.15-12.30 S. Nanda, R. Azargohar, J. A. Kozinski, A. K. Dalai
Valorization of pretreatment wastes from hydrolyzed biomass by slow pyrolysis
Download : Pdf
12.30-12.45 A. Sotiropoulos, D. Malamis, D. Alamanou, D. Kekos, M. Loizidou
Development and demonstration of an innovative approach for converting biowaste to bioethanol: The WASTE2BIO LIFE+ Project
12.45-13.00 N.D. Charisiou, A. Baklavaridis, V.G. Papadakis, M.A. Goula
Synthesis gas production via the biogas reforming reaction over Ni/MgO-Al2O3 and Ni/CaO-Al2O3 catalysts
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.00-13.15 C. Katsimpouras, P. Christakopoulos, E. Topakas
Enzymatic bioconversion and fermentation of corn stover at high-solids content for efficient ethanol production
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.15-13.30 F.O Unuofin, P. N. S. Mnkeni
Optimizing rock phosphate incorporation rate for efficient vermidegradation of cow dung waste paper mixtures
Download : Pdf
13.30-13.45 E. Tsouko, D. Ladakis, N. Kopsahelis, C. Kourmentza, I. Mandala, S. Papanikolaou, A. Koutinas
Utilisation of food wastes and biodiesel industry by-products for Bacterial Cellulose production
Download : Pdf - Presentation
13.45-14.30 Lunch Break   


Friday, 22 May 2015
Industrial Waste Management
Chair: U. Yetis, G. Mancini
14.30-14.45 S. Zanni, A. Bonoli, M. Luca Mancini
Abatement and bio-digestion of airborne contamination in precision mechanics: the case study of Beretta firearms
Download : Pdf - Presentation
14.45-15.00 D. Kallidromitou, K. Korizi, K. Aravosis
Industrial Wastes and the National Waste Management Plan
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.00-15.15 G. Capar, U. Yetis
Development of a National Set of Environmental Performance Indicators for Turkey
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.15-15.30 M.M. Rajabi, M. Jalili Ghazizade, M.E. Ghanbari, B. Madadi
Waste Characterization and Management of the Phosphorus and Phosphoric Acid Industry
Download : Pdf
15.30-15.45 M. Padervanda, M. Vossoughia
Fabrication and antibacterial performance of Ag-Au nanoparticles decorated ionic liquid modified magnetic core-analcime shell microspheres
Download : Pdf
15.45-16.00 B.B. Uzun-Akınlar, E. Yaman
Thermogravimetric Pyrolysis of Walnut Shell an Assessment of Kinetic Modeling
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.00-16.15 I. Karachristou, St. Chouvardas, A. Savvidou
Management of Radioactive Devices at the NCSR “Demokritos”
Download : Pdf
16.15-16.30 S. Dayana Priyadharshini, A.K.Bakthavatsalam
Biodegradation of Phenolic Effluent of Producer Gas Plant using Scenedesmus sp
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.30-16.45 G. Mancini, M. Panzica, Ε. Palmeri, S. Cappello, M. M. Yakimov, A. Luciano
Small improvements in the treatment of oily wastes from marine transportation
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.45-17.00 L. Antonozzi, A. Bonoli, S. Zanni
Life Cycle Assessment applied to remediation technologies: methodological and practical issues
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.00-17.15 P. Damala, E. Katsou, J. Novakovic, K. Chatzikonstantinou, G. Karathanasi, A. Patsia, S. Malamis
Application of MBR for the treatment of textile wastewater
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.15-17.30 Z. Zeybek, H. Ayyıldız, H. Hapoğlu, M. Alpbaz
In the treatment of textile wastewater with coagulation, modeling of treatment and pH control using artificial neural networks
Download : Pdf
17.30-17.45 W. Lemlikchi, N. Oubagha, P. Sharrock, M. Fiallo, M.O. Mecherri
Calcium phosphate precipitation for removal of textile dyes from industrial wastewaters
Download : Pdf - Presentation
17.45-18.00 N. Ozbay, A.S. Yargic, M.F. Gozukizil, E. Onal
The Comparative Study on Decolorization of Remazol Yellow Dye from Aqueous Solutions by Biosorption, Fenton and Photo-Fenton Processes
Download : Pdf - Presentation


Friday, 22 May 2015
Sludge Management
Chair: A. Vlyssides, O. Komesli
14.30-14.45 D. Vouk, D. Nakic, N. Stirmer
Reuse of sewage sludge - problems and possibilities
Download : Pdf - Presentation
14.45-15.00 N. Kathijotes, E. Zlatareva, S. Marinova, V. Petrova
Application of Wastewater Sludge to Crop- Monitoring Changes in the "Soil-Fertilizer-Plant” System and Phosphorous Recovery Options
Download : Pdf
15.00-15.15 I. Janajreh, A. Alshehhi, T. Arink, A. Al Katheerib, R. Ahmedb
Bioreactor Landfilling of Oil Sludge
Download : Pdf
15.15-15.30 E. Pantazopoulou, O. Zebiliadou, A. Zouboulis
Stabilization of tannery waste using ferronickel sludge
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.30-15.45 J.Kisser, H. Gattringer, M. Iordandopoulos-Kisser
Recovering metals from sewage sludge, waste incineration residues and similar substances with hyperaccumulative plants
Download : Pdf - Presentation
15.45-16.00 E. Borràs; P. Bosch-Jimenez, S. Martinez-Crespiera, O. Alonso, R. Shechter
Integration of Partial Anaerobic Digestion and Microbial Fuel Cell Technologies for treatment of sludges from wastewater treatment plants
Download : Pdf - Presentation
16.00-16.15 Z. Golhosseini, M. Jalili Ghzizade
Characterization of bottom sludge waste in a thermal power plant evaporation pound (Case study: Damavand Combine-Cycle Power Plant, Tehran, Iran)
Download : Pdf
16.15-16.30 M.J. San José, S. Alvarez, R. López
Preliminary study of anaerobic digestion process of biomass waste sludge in a Conical Spouted Bed reactor
Download : Pdf
16.30-16.45 Discussion - Conclusions


Friday, 22 May 2015
Chair: M. Loizidou, C. Cheeseman, G. Lyberatos, R. Luque, D. Bolzonella, F. Fatone, A. Zabaniotou, A. Vlyssides, N. Voulvoulis, F. Dilek, U. Yetis, S. Malamis
18.00-18.30 Synopsis of the IWWATV 2015 conclusions with the active participation of all Chair Persons

Saturday, 23 May 2015
08.45 Excursion-site visit to the NTUA Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park, the Sounion Temple of Poseidon and the “Mavro Lithari” beach
18.00 Estimated return to President Hotel

We would like to thank you very much for your high interest in the IWWATV Conference.